Converting InfoPath, HTML, Word, Excel etc to PDF Format using Nintex Workflow

Posted at: 15:58 on 06 December 2010 by Muhimbi

Nintex logo

The Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint has had the ability to be integrated in SharePoint workflows for a very long time. Our initial focus has been on the #1 workflow tool, SharePoint Designer, but today we are happy to announce support for everyone’s favourite workflow environment, Nintex Workflow.

Nintex-PDF-Conversion Nintex Dialog for the new PDF Conversion Action

Rather than just blindly porting a SharePoint Designer Workflow Action to Nintex, we have taken a step back and make it work the Nintex way. Nintex Lookups and Workflow Variables can be used and it is even possible to convert items other than the ones that triggered the workflow, which makes it ideal for converting entire sets of documents. For a comprehensive example, have a look at this post.

This new functionality is scheduled for inclusion in the upcoming 4.1 release of the PDF Converter for SharePoint. If you are interested in testing it out then please let us know..


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