Using Windows Azure to convert documents to PDF format – Part 1

Posted at: 20:15 on 28 February 2011 by Muhimbi

Azure, and our products, have changed considerably since this article was written in 2011. Please contact our support desk if you have any questions about using our software in combination with Azure.

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Converting AutoCAD (DXF, DWG) files to PDF using the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services

Posted at: 14:49 on 24 February 2011 by Muhimbi

AutoCAD IconAs has been the case for the last few years, development on our range of PDF Conversion products is going full steam ahead. Full details about all the great new features will follow in a future post, for now I want to focus on the new and improved AutoCAD converter included in the latest 5.0 release.

If you are an existing user of our software then you are probably aware that we have provided the ability to convert DWG and DXF files for quite some time as it basically came for free with our Visio converter. Unfortunately Visio does not do a particular great job with most AutoCAD files.

As we are receiving more and more requests for high-end AutoCAD support, we decided to completely overhaul our CAD converter, which is now completely self-contained and no longer relies on external dependencies such as Visio.

The key features and improvements are as follows:

  1. Full 2D and 3D support.
  2. Highly configurable (Output paper size, margins, Layouts / Views to convert)
  3. Automatic and intelligent recoloring of drawings, e.g. Switch background to black, white or any other color without losing visibility of elements that were already using that color. Full Black and White support is available as well.
  4. Conversion of individual Layouts or all Layouts while skipping empty and invalid ones.
  5. Automatic detection of paper orientation.


As the converter is part of our highly scalable PDF Conversion platform, it automatically benefits from all its features including reliability, scalability, watermarking engine, cross platform support, web services based API, PDF security, SharePoint integration, Nintex Workflow integration, Java support, InfoPath attachments, Windows Azure etc.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so listed below are 3 copies of the same drawing after conversion to PDF, but with different recoloring options.

CAD Sample - White Back


CAD Sample - Black Back


CAD Sample - Black and White

If you prefer you can also use third party CAD converters in combination with the Muhimbi PDF Converter, in case you need support for a feature that is currently not supported by us. For details on how to integrate third party components see this post.


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SharePoint Audit Suite 2.0 - SharePoint 2010 support, Enriched Audit data

Posted at: 18:08 on 21 February 2011 by Muhimbi

SharePointAuditBoxToday is an exciting day for Muhimbi as we are shipping the second major release of our popular SharePoint Audit Suite.

In these days of WikiLeaks and strict regulatory requirements, it is essential to be able to track who have viewed, added, updated or deleted content in your SharePoint sites. The Muhimbi Audit Suite makes this easier than ever by building on top of SharePoint’s existing auditing abilities and filling in the many gaps and shortcomings associated with Microsoft’s platform.

The main new features are as follows, we’ll publish more detailed posts in the next few days so make sure you follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsfeed.

  • SharePoint 2010 Support: In addition to WSS3 and MOSS 2007 we now provide support for SharePoint Foundation 2010 as well as SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Enriched Data: Any Audit data logged by the native SharePoint platform is cryptic at best. Our software translates this information into a format that is much more readable and easier to report on.
  • Additional Audit events: Although the SharePoint platform provides such basic audit events as View and Delete, some events such as Insert are sorely missing. The Muhimbi Audit Suite fills in the gaps by adding new event types and tightening up the support for existing event types. For example our product adds support for tracking views of List Items and Document property screens. 
  • Authentication events: Wouldn’t it be great to track when users log-in to or log-off from a site collection? Now you can, and include it in your fancy audit reports as well.
  • Field changes: It is great to track that a document or item has been updated, but what you really want to know is what fields have changed and what the old and new values are. This information is now logged to the audit logs to make it extremely easy to get an overview of what happened to an item over time.
  • Advanced Querying: Our lightning fast log viewer / querying tool makes it very simple to run custom queries. Per user, for a group of users, excluding certain users, between two dates, certain audit events only, you name it.
  • Improved Reporting: The Muhimbi Audit Suite ships with a number of pre-generated reports such as Security Reports and Content Modification Reports, but it is also very simple to generate your own custom ones. Results can be grouped by User, Date, Site or by any combination of these. Export the data to Excel for further filtering / pivoting.

    SharePoint-Audit-ReportGenerated report grouped by Date and User  

  • Increased Scalability: The audit tables that ship with SharePoint have not been designed with scalability in mind. The Muhimbi Audit Suite creates a separate logging database that is highly optimised for the logging and querying of audit data, no matter how many millions of rows it contains.
  • Automatic log truncating: SharePoint’s standard log tables, they just grow and grow…. out of control. We have many customers who used to have more than 100 million rows in their audit tables, which could no longer be queried due to their size and were causing problems during the backup process of site collections. The Muhimbi Audit Suite allows the log files to be truncated automatically after a certain amount of time. There is no need to keep indefinite audit data if all you need is the last 3 months.

For more information check out the following resources:


As always, feel free to contact us using Twitter, our Blog, regular email or subscribe to our newsletter.

Download your free trial here (4.5 MB). .


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