PDF Converter for SharePoint - Recorded Webcast now available for live streaming

Posted at: 15:56 on 15 April 2011 by Muhimbi

Yesterday we recorded a webcast to talk about and demonstrate our popular PDF Converter for SharePoint. Based on the feedback, and the number of attendees that stayed on till the very last minute, it was a great success. Similar webcasts are available as well for the Muhimbi SharePoint Audit Suite 2.0 as well as a combined webcast for the URL Shortener, Workflow Power Pack and SharePoint Infuser.

Fortunately for those who did not attend, we recorded the whole event, which is now available for real-time streaming. It is worth watching as it contains lots and lots of demos including PDF Conversion in combination with SharePoint Designer & Nintex workflows, conversions using InfoPath, Watermarking, applying PDF Security, etc.


The slide deck is available as well in PDF format.

Some of the demos featured in the presentation are also available as separate blog posts:

Enjoy watching it. As always, if you have any questioned then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very helpful and answer any questions as quickly as we can.


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