PDF Converter API and Server Platform 5.2 - PDF Splitting, MSG Conversion & PDF/A support

Posted at: 12:02 on 23 January 2012 by Muhimbi

PDFConverterServicesBox4_thumbAt the end of last week we released version 5.2 of the PDF Converter for SharePoint, which ships with an improved version of our popular PDF Conversion engine. Today we are releasing an update to the standalone version of the Muhimbi PDF Converter API and Server Platform that includes all new functionality and fixes including the ability to convert MSG (email) files and output in PDF/A format.

The list of new features and improvements is considerable but the main ones are as follows:

A quick introduction for those not familiar with the product: The Muhimbi PDF Converter API and Server Platform is an ‘on premises’ server based SDK that allows software developers to convert typical Office files to PDF format using a robust, scalable but friendly Web Services interface from Java and .NET based solutions. It supports a large number of file types including MS-Office and ODF file formats as well as HTML, MSG (email) AutoCAD and Image based files and is used by some of the largest organisations in the world for mission critical document conversions. In addition to converting documents the product ships with a sophisticated watermarking engine, PDF Splitting and Merging facilities and the ability to secure PDF files. A separate SharePoint specific version is available as well.


New, PDF Conversion of MSG based emails

In addition to the changes listed above, some of the main changes in the new version are as follows:

1580 CAD Improvement Converting AutoCAD files results in much smaller PDF files as before.
1575 CAD Improvement Support for Spatial Filters has been added for AutoCAD to PDF Converter
1565 CAD Improvement Default "EmptyLayoutDetectionMode" setting is now set to "SkipEmptyLayouts"
1543 CAD New Provide different sorting options for CAD Layouts
1472 Documentation New Create Merge example for Java
1582 Excel Fix Excel sheets in 'Page Break Preview' mode do not convert
1443 HTML Fix Images are split when converting certain pages.
1140 HTML Fix HTML to PDF Conversion of SP2010 screens is not working correctly.
1501 HTML Fix Base tag is ignored when converting HTML fragments to PDF
1540 HTML Fix Conversion hangs on certain SP2010 pages
1542 HTML Fix HTML to PDF on SP2010 uses wrong page breaks when split images is enabled
1566 InfoPath Fix InfoPath Schema Validation error on forms that use FusionX and view switching
1433 InfoPath Improvement Provide an option to 'skip' or 'fail' problematic InfoPath attachments
1511 InfoPath Improvement Downloading InfoPath XSN files on systems using FBA does not work
1551 InfoPath Improvement Add option to create PDF bookmarks for each attached InfoPath document
1517 InfoPath Improvement Add switch to pre-process Full Trust InfoPath files
1568 InfoPath Improvement Allow invalid SSL Certificates to be used for downloading InfoPath XSN files
1513 Merging Fix Merging certain PDF files results in 'index out of bounds'
1594 Merging Fix Error in Lexer' when loading PDF File
1617 Merging Fix Merging of PDF Files generated with IOS scanner app
1618 Merging Fix System.NullReferenceException when loading certain PDF files for merging
1637 Merging Fix Bookmarks corrupted when merging certain files
1317 MSG New Improve email converter (with MSG support)
1553 Open Office New Add support for open office template files (ott, ots, otp)
1505 PDF/A New Allow PDF as an input format to support PDF to PDF/A conversion
676 PDF/A New Excel Conversion - Add support for PDF/A
619 PDF/A New Add support for PDF/A Post Processing (requires 'pro' license)
1458 Setup New Add support for silent install / uninstall of Conversion Service
779 Setup New Add support for the 64 bit version of Office 2010
1537 Splitting New Update web service to allow PDFs to be split
1541 Visio New Add support for Visio VDW extension
1547 Watermarking Fix Watermarking: Applying rotation of less than -45 degrees rotates the entire page during conversion to PDF/A
1636 Watermarking Fix Error in Lexer when applying watermark on merged documents
1613 Web Service Improvement Conversion Service Authentication problems on certain systems that have disabled anonymous access (Kerberos related)

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