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Posted at: 18:49 on 03 July 2009 by Muhimbi

ResellerWe are frequently approached by companies who wish to become a reseller of our products. At this moment in time Muhimbi’s reseller program is closed and we will not accept any applications.

However, if you represent an organisation that wishes to purchase a product on behalf of one of your customers then we are happy to take your order. Please use the e-commerce facilities on our website to place the order, but do not download the license key when prompted. Instead email the following customer details to, together with your order reference, so we can create a license key for your customer.

  • Company Name:
  • Address:
  • Town:
  • ZipCode:
  • Country:
  • State:
  • Main Contact Person First Name:
  • Main Contact Person Last Name :
  • Main Contact Person Telephone:
  • Main Contact Person Email:

You are free to set your own price point and charge your customer for your services.


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