PDF Converter for SharePoint 3.4 – SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 RTM Compatible

Posted at: 15:58 on 06 May 2010 by Muhimbi


Although it has only been 2 weeks since the RTM version of SharePoint 2010 was released, our team has been working flat out to make the popular Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

As we were going through a full QA cycle anyway we also validated the software with the RTM version of Office 2010 to make sure our customers can make use of the latest and greatest innovations such as Excel Spark lines when generating PDF files.

For those not familiar with the product, the PDF Converter for SharePoint is a lightweight solution that allows end-users to convert common document types to PDF format from within SharePoint using a friendly user interface, workflows or a web service call without the need to install any client side software or Adobe Acrobat. It integrates at a deep level with SharePoint and leverages facilities such as the Audit log, localisation, security and tracing. It runs on WSS 3, MOSS as well as SharePoint 2010 and is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. For detailed information check out the product page.



New support for the Ribbon in SharePoint 2010

The main changes in version 3.4 are as follows:

792 New - Added support for SharePoint 2010 RTM
845 New - Added Taiwanese translations (Traditional Chinese)
827 Fix - MS-Word Paragraph borders are not rendered correctly when saved as PDF
782 Fix - Excel 2010 has problems converting ODS files
483 Fix - Resources not deployed on farms where 'Timer Account' is not local administrator
524 Fix - STSADM and Timerjob are fighting over access to layouts.sitemap
787 Fix - Resources don't deploy when SharePoint 2010 Timer service account is not local Admin
797 New - Make license manager SP2010 compatible
840 Fix - Convert to PDF is not present on Folder Context Menu in SP2010 & SP2007
841 Fix - PDF Converter loads slowly on very big (100K+ items) Document Libraries
833 Fix - Too much logging during anonymous requests
808 New - Added support for Server and Enterprise Licenses
821 New - Added Sample Java code to Setup Project
822 New - Added Sample .net code to Setup Project
825 New - Added test harness executable to setup and Start Menu


For more information check out the following resources:


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