PDF Converter for SharePoint 4 - InfoPath attachments, HTML & Native SPD Watermarking

Posted at: 16:38 on 22 October 2010 by Muhimbi


Christmas arrives very early this year for the users of the popular Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint, and what a gift it is; a brand new box with “4.0” on the outside and lots of new goodies to play with on the inside.

Let’s have a look at some of the new functionality:

If you can’t wait to give it a go then proceed straight to the download link at the end of this post.

For those not familiar with the product, the PDF Converter for SharePoint is a lightweight solution that allows end-users to convert common document types to PDF format from within SharePoint using a friendly user interface, workflows or a web service call without the need to install any client side software or Adobe Acrobat. It integrates at a deep level with SharePoint and leverages facilities such as the Audit log, localisation, security and tracing. It runs on WSS 3, MOSS as well as SharePoint 2010 and is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. For detailed information check out the product page.


In addition to the changes listed above, some of the main changes in the new version are as follows:

893 New - SharePoint Designer workflow activity to add composite watermarks to PDF files.
892 New - SharePoint Designer workflow activities for adding simple shaped watermarks to PDF files.
870 New - Web Service method to allow existing PDF files to be watermarked.
1110 Fix   - Borders are clipped incorrectly for watermarks.
1010 New - New HTML to PDF workflow activity for SharePoint Designer.
642 New - Support for HTML to PDF Conversion in Web Service as well as SharePoint Document Libraries.
1011 New - Support for PDF conversion of common image types such as BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG.
1007 New - Ability to convert SharePoint Pages to PDF using the Personal Actions menu.
785 New - Convert InfoPath browser forms using Forms Services and the HTML to PDF workflow activity.
1001 New - Automatically convert files attached to InfoPath forms to PDF.
993 New - Allow non-default InfoPath views to be selected for conversion to PDF.
1002 New - Allow multiple InfoPath views to be converted and merged into a single PDF file.
770 Fix   - File based XSN references are now decoded properly.
997 New - PDF Conversions can now be carried out using a simple hyperlink.
1028 New - "Convert and Download" option in the file context menu.
673 New - Allow range of InfoPath page numbers to convert to be specified.
992 New - Setup now alerts the user of potential 'loopbackcheck' problems.
836 Fix   - Applying Security on PDF files corrupts certain pages.
1020 Fix   - UI Breadcrumbs in SP2010 Central Administration


For more information check out the following resources:


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Download your free trial here (8MB). .


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